Celebrate the Natural Goodness! Enjoy a 24% Discount with Code: TUVAI24

Celebrate the Natural Goodness!
Enjoy a 24% Discount with Code: TUVAI24

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it ‘s always better when it’s natural. eat organic & be healthy

Savour the Taste of Nature in Each Bite

Imagine your food grown in rich forest soil, prepared and enriched by nature with a thriving beehive of microbial activity. Tuvai is this, and much more. Based in the pristine plateau of Jharkhand, we offer a unique range of nutrition-dense food grown using only native seeds. Tuvai values the deep connections between the earth and food, so with the help of our tribal farmer partners, our journey of “Amrit Krishi” organic farming begins with naturally enhancing the soil, free from harmful chemicals. The end product is high-quality, nutritious food, imbued with the taste of the local rivers and forests. By choosing Tuvai, you are not just choosing a product but also a philosophy that firmly believes in the coexistence of all lives on Mother Earth.

Chemical-Free & Nutrition-Dense Food

Wholesome, natural, packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, promoting health and well-being.

Higher Income For Farmers

Higher Income For Farmers

Improved livelihoods, sustainable agriculture, access to markets, and fair prices.

Promotes Biodiversity & Fights Climate Change

Regenerative Earth-friendly methods of farming that enrich the soil, sequester carbon, and revive the ecosystem.

Our Offerings

Khapli Wheat Flour 1Kg


Gobindobhog Poha 500gms


Red Rice Poha 500gms


Gobindobhog Rice 500gms


Black Rice 250gms


Red Rice 250gms


Red Basmati Rice 250gms


Cold Press Mustard Oil 500ml


Chana Dal 500gms


Arhar Dal 500gms


Masoor Dal 500gms


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Facts about Tuvai


  • Scientific rigour to balance soil,water, and biodiversity for sustainable agriculture.
  • Support consumers in choosing eco-friendly product
  • Traditional farming knowledge for a harmonious human-nature relationship


  • Establish a joyful community where people have confidence in the nutritional quality and safety of their food.
  • Guarantee that food is rich in rightful nutrition, supporting the well-being and health of all.
  • Establish a system that ensures fair and equitable remuneration for farmers while honouring their crucial role in the food system


TUVAI believes that Nature is capable of accommodating our needs provided we make an effort to know what it has to offer. We work on understanding Nature as she really is. And it’s nothing radical. Just a continuation of our forefathers’ work who understood seasons, dug wells, and used animals to increase efficiency. We work with the sun, an infinite source of energy that is just radiated back if we do not make optimum use of it. So, we work on increasing the canopy size in our agricultural field so that our leaves are in a position to do the optimum photosynthesis they can. Next is the recycling process. A fertile soil is one where the compost part and the mineral part are equal and where there is optimal Nitrogen. We achieve this by using mulch of the Sal leaves and mixing it with cow manure. Independent tests have shown that not only have we achieved the nursery soil (the ideal soil) but also how rich in bioavailable nitrogen it is. Seeing how precious this soil is, we harvest it manually so as to not harm it in the slightest.

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